The Venetian - Large Capacity Atomization Diffuser

Cold Air Aromatherapy Diffuser - 500ml

Demo and Floor models available on limited basis.  Currently, we have (1) Unit available.  Don't miss out on large discount pricing.  Pricing is in drop-down box below.

Time Set-Up:

RunTime/Concentration Level Set-Up:

  • NO WATER NEEDED - unlike most diffusers, there is no water needed, making this machine water free.
  • THREE USES - standalone, HVAC hookup, and now wall mount with side access for easier changeing of oils.
  • NEBULIZING AND ATOMIZATION - working together to make the scent noticeable in area's 1500-4000SF.
  • LCD DISPLAY - set your concentration, hours and days timing digitally with the touch screen LCD.
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES - 500ml stainless steel bottle, head attachment(s), muffler, power cord, bottle cap and hose.

** On Occasion, the Floor Model is For Sale**  Floor Model Available Now (0)


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