The Chateau - Cold Air Atomizing Diffuser

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Time Set-Up:

RunTime/Concentration Level Set-Up:

  • STRONG and SOLID - aluminum alloy shell that is heavy, 6.75 lbs with remarkable design for any room.
  • NO WATER NEEDED - unique system making this machine water free allowing better scenting coverage.
  • ADVANCED ATOMIZATION - working together technology to scent spaces ranging from 750-2000SF.
  • SMALL OFFICE AREAS - ideal for small offices, living rooms, waiting rooms and small retail stores.
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES - stainless steel 200ml bottle, HVAC attachment, instructions, power cord and clear tube.


  • HVAC capable with no clean technology
  • Aluminum alloy shell, sturdy design
  • Atomization simple and easy to adjust
  • Usage area, 750-2000sf
  • LCD programmable screen
  • No-Water needed
  • 200ml stainless steel bottle included
  • Low noise level, <42dba
  • Power, 8W


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