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Refillable Essential Oil Containers


Two Sizes

200ML and 500ML

Aluminum fillable containers have emerged as an innovative and practical solution for the storage and preservation of essential oils and fragrance oils. These containers, available in convenient 500ml and 200ml sizes, are equipped with both plugs and screw-on lids, ensuring a secure and airtight seal to protect the integrity and potency of the stored oils. Crafted with lightweight yet durable aluminum, these containers not only offer robust protection against external elements such as light, heat, and moisture but also guarantee an extended shelf life for the oils. The sleek design and smooth finish of these containers not only enhance their visual appeal but also make them an ideal choice for both personal and professional use in the aromatherapy and cosmetics industries. With their user-friendly features and reliable sealing mechanisms, these aluminum containers have become a favored option for individuals and businesses seeking a dependable solution for the storage and transportation of valuable essential oils and fragrance oils.

These will work on all of our Three Drops of Life diffusers.  

200ML - The Chateau

500ML - The Palace / Venetian / Penthouse

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