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Fusion Fragrance Oil


HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Good Until December 31st, 2003

ONLY on New Fragrance Oils - Delight, Trail, Fusion, Jersey Love and Plaid

Buy 1 500ML - Get the 200ML FREE 

No need to add the 200ml in the cart, this will automatically be sent with the purchase of the 500ML Bottle.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


 When it comes to selecting the perfect fragrance oil for your diffuser, Fusion fragrance offers a sophisticated blend that is sure to elevate your space. This exquisite oil combines the delicate allure of white jasmine and a subtle hint of violets in its top notes, creating a refreshing and elegant ambiance. As the scent unfurls, you'll be embraced by the warm and inviting embrace of amberwood and oakmoss in the middle notes, adding depth and a touch of earthiness to the atmosphere.

The fragrance culminates in a rich and captivating base composed of musk, tonka bean, and amber, leaving a lingering, comforting aroma that envelops the senses in a gentle embrace. Whether you seek to create a relaxing sanctuary or infuse your home with a luxurious touch, the fragrance Fusion is the perfect choice.

Two Sizes Available, 200ML or 500ML

*Samples are 30ML and are for smelling only.  Not enough scent to run any machine*

**This product is non-returnable, non-refundable**

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