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The Oasis - Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

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No Water - Ultrasonic Diffuser - Best for Small Rooms

What is an ultrasonic diffuser?

The Oasis uses either electricity or battery operation to disperse essential oils into the air.  The machine breaks down the particles into base molecules and releases them into the air.  Ultrasonic doesn't rely on steam to release the oil, but rather uses positive charging from the power it creates.  The non-noticeable vibration is created to release the molecules in the air with a fine mist.
  • Small design with powerful results.  Ideal for commercial bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, office foyers
  • Simple, sleek design.  Goes with all decor and fits naturally in any setting
  • Powerful size while holding up to 200ml of essential oils
  • Fifteen programmable days can be set with five different working periods.
  • On Timer Setting: 2/3/4/5 seconds then Pause Timer Setting: 30/60/90/120/150/180/210/240/270/300 seconds
  • Ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology that provides smooth mist and pleasant aromas to create a calm, relaxing environment, soften and moisten dry and chapped skin, and helps you breathe better in winter.​
The product includes the following:
1x Hanging Panel
2x Key
3x Sorbent Stick
1x Diffuser
2x Rechargeable Lithium Battery
1x Power Adapter

Full instructions with customer support email which is backed by our winning customer service team!

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