Snow Algae Collagen Peptide Serum

About the product
  • POWERHOUSE INGREDIENTS - including Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Snow Algae, Coconut Fruit Extract.
  • SNOW ALGAE is the revolutionary enzyme AMPK that activates longevity genes that enhance DNA repair.
  • Mixing all ingredients results improved moisture, minimized wrinkles, and restoration of skin cells.
  • Women and Men capture the survival power to revitalize skin at the cellular level with Snow Algae.
  • Clinical studies showed increase in skin hydration in less than 14 days. Manufactured Guaranteed!

Revival Anti-Aging Breakthrough Skin Care

Finally Introducing a Revolutionary Product That Will Come to The Rescue!

  • First, snow algae will activate a longevity gene called KLOTHO 
  • Klotho when activated can extend its lifespan over 30% 
  • Secondly, snow algae activates the energy enzyme AMPK(adesoinemonophosphate-protein based kinase
  • AMPK helps energy levels and when activated signals the cells to make more energy and slow the energy down you use 
  • One issue with AMPK is our cells don’t respond well to AMPK. New studies show snow algae can stimulate this enzyme by 105% in human skin compared to untreated cells 
  • Snow algae is more than hydrating the skin. Experiments show it stimulates new collagen for smoother and firmer skin. And lastly slows breakdown of collagen building enzymes by 47%

This Mega Product is Defense Anti-Aging at it’s BEST

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