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The Venetian - Large Capacity Atomization Diffuser


Cold Air Aromatherapy Diffuser - 500ml

Occasionally we have Open Box or Used units that come available.  Currently, (0) Available.

The Venetian aroma machine now comes in two colors!

Convenience of stand alone capability or consistency of HVAC scenting. The latest cold air diffusion at your fingertips. The Venetian's built in fan allows energy efficient coverage of large spaces. The LCD panel has numerous programmable events that can run on 24/7 time schedules to fit your personal needs.

Not just for commercial use any more, now available for your home, office for scenting pleasure. No water added to any oils. No more diluted perfect scent. The atomization technology will turn any area into a personal fragrance retreat.

Time Set-Up:

RunTime/Concentration Level Set-Up:

  • NO WATER NEEDED - unlike most diffusers, there is no water needed, making this machine water free.
  • THREE USES - standalone, HVAC hookup, and now wall mount with side access for easier changeing of oils.
  • NEBULIZING AND ATOMIZATION - working together to make the scent noticeable in area's 1500-4000SF.
  • LCD DISPLAY - set your concentration, hours and days timing digitally with the touch screen LCD.
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES - 500ml stainless steel bottle, head attachment(s), muffler, power cord, bottle cap and hose.


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