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Home and Car Small Smart Scent Diffuser


The Petite

Introducing the Home and Car Small Smart Scent Diffuser, the perfect addition to your luxurious lifestyle. This new smart diffuser is perfect for elevating your home, office, and even your car with its elegant and exclusive scent. Indulge in a sensory experience like no other with this premium product.


  • Three settings for varying run and pause seconds
  • Built in lithium battery which uses USD adapter for all charging
  • Silent running fragrance for the home, office or car
  • Outer aluminum alloy which is sleek and sophisticated
  • Power: 2w, Noise <30db, Voltage 3.7-5V
  • 20ml refillable amber bottle for all your fragrance needs
  • Multi function timer duration
  • Waterless nano-mist technology

The Petit cold air diffusion method can convert essential oil and fragrances into fine aromatic particles creating a consistent fragrance atmosphere.

Simple to Use:

  • Fill fragrance bottle
  • Plug in, power up
  • Adjust intensity and time to desired use

Need to alternate scents?  No problem!

Switching between fragrances is easy! Just clean the oil container with alcohol, rinse it, and refill it with your new fragrance oil.


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