How to Add Healthy Fats to Your Everyday Diet

June 19, 2018

How to Add Healthy Fats to Your Everyday Diet

Think of your daily menu; how many times do you add butter to a pan, use a mayonnaise-based dressing on a salad, or douse your vegetables in cheese? Though each of these things are delicious and acceptable once in a while, it is important to note just how detrimental doing these things often can be to your health. Sure, you have heard it all before, but have never been told any alternatives to your favorite cheat tools...until now. Healthy oils are great to incorporate into your everyday diet and doing so is easier than you think.

Use Them as a Marinade or Salad Dressing

While the thought of parting with your chunky blue cheese dressing might be painful now, tasting a salad dressing or marinade made with a healthy oil, like extra-virgin olive oil, will console you. The long-term results will change your life forever as well.

Use three tablespoons of your favorite, approved oil and combine it with one tablespoon of white wine or balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper for daily dressing. Or if you like the particular taste of one oil alone, then go ahead and just drizzle it on alone - some people do this with avocado or olive oil. Squeeze in some lemon juice to marinade fish or chicken for a balanced meal.

Go Crazy with Coconuts

This butter-like oil is immensely versatile and promotes heart, skin, hair, and nail health. Though, you might want to be careful if you have high cholesterol. Among the ways to ensure you get a source of this oil each day are to add it to smoothies or yogurt, swap out your creamer with it in coffees or teas, and to melt it into a bone broth for soup. For best results, you’ll want cold-pressed coconut oil, which means that the oils isn’t pressed mechanically at temperatures exceeding 120 degrees fahrenheit. This will help the oil retain and preserve the natural nutrients. You can even use this oil to make candy, which is a great way to get children to reap the benefits of it, too!

Use Them When Baking

Baking recipes usually call for vegetable oil, which is anything but healthy. You may be thinking that your brownie recipe is not healthy to begin with, but if you are going to indulge, why not feel better about it? When baking, swap out vegetable oil for algae oil. The most calorie-friendly oil, algae allows the natural flavor of food to shine. Basically, your cookies will taste like cookies.

To finalize, health and oil do coincide. From grapeseed oil to coconut, canola, and olive to algae oils, they can certainly be a part of sustaining a healthy diet.They taste great, too, which is probably the sweetest benefit of all. Be sure to look for other health and lifestyle tips on our blog.