Here's What You Need to Know Before You Start a New Diet

December 14, 2018

Here's What You Need to Know Before You Start a New Diet

New diet plans are everywhere. You can't read a magazine, a blog or watch television without countless diets, supplements and miracle weight loss shakes shoved in your face. Your plan to find a simple, easy to follow diet and exercise routine just got a whole lot more complicated, didn't it? There are several things that you will need to address while trying to find the perfect or at least the most acceptable diet plan. The first thing you will have to work on is your own attitude toward the word "diet".

Small Changes, Sustainable Lifestyle

Before you start any diet, speak to your doctor about any health risks that you might be facing. Next, read trustworthy reviews before trying a new diet or supplement. Don't just read from a single website either because those are too easy to control and to fake. Xyngular explains, “Finding a brand of health supplements you can trust can be hard. So often, they promise results, but deliver very little, making money off of your willingness to trust their guarantees. What’s more, they so often fill the internet with positive hype about their company, so finding honest, unbiased reviews can be a challenge." Ask people you personally know or go to social media to get a less biased sampling of opinions. Read multiple sites and steer clear of celebrity endorsements.

Start with small changes adding more and more as you go. One week you can change out soda for fresh, clear water. The following week make Mondays meat-free. Make changes that you can handle, that work with your lifestyle and that you can keep up over the long term. Remember, a lifestyle is better for your health than a temporary "diet".

Remind Yourself That This is a Marathon

Most diets start off strong but by week one's end, people are faltering, and by the end of the second week they are done. Plan for possible setbacks but do not allow yourself to consider them as "failures" in any way. Journal about your feelings. Use positive affirmations to get yourself back on track. Use tools to help you keep your goals right in front of your, like Three Drops of Life’s water bottles that tell you how much to drink at each point during the day. Set a goal of sticking to your new plan for three weeks and then keep extending the weeks until it becomes the way you eat, no thought needed.

Find Support

Announce your plans to everyone in your immediate circle and let them know what you expect of them. Either they can be vocally supportive, or they can be silent. That is the end of the debate. If they aren't helping, you sure are not going to let them hurt you. It also helps if there’s someone right there with you while you’re doing it. SFGate recommends, “post your goal to your social networking website of choice or keep a blog. Post pictures and share your success with friends and family members. When you you make it public, you'll feel more responsibility to meet your goal.” Be firm with this and eventually even the most reluctant people will decide they want to see you succeed and will get on board. They may even be the first to ask you for advice when they see that you are getting results for your efforts.