5 Essential Oils You Should Use for Aromatherapy

April 04, 2018

5 Essential Oils You Should Use for Aromatherapy

As more people discover the tremendous benefits of incorporating essential oil use into all facets of everyday life and as aromatherapy agents, the choices can often become even more overwhelming. While many people choose their scents and various blends based on personal preference, here are five oils you should consider for their benefits and wonderful smell.

Lavender Oil

As one of the most popular essential oils on the market, lavender is coveted for its pleasurable scent and numerous aromatherapeutic properties. Primarily geared toward stress relief, lavender is a fairly mild smell, making it useful when you have a head tension or if you are sensitive to strong scents. It is also often used in aromatic massages to help relieve tension.

Tea Tree Oil

This heavily scented oil boasts a myriad of ways to boost the body's natural immune system. This agent is extremely effective in soothing skin irritations, and can also be used to assist with minor inconveniences for the skin. Tea tree oil is also found in shampoos, mouthwash, and lotions.

Spikenard Oil

The unique earthy and woodsy scent of spikenard oil promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation. This grounding aroma can be utilized as aromatherapy or topically in massage. Because of its pleasant scent, spikenard oil is commonly used in perfumes and colognes. As an aromatherapy agent, this oil is especially effective in eliminating odors and can also be used in deodorants.

Eucalyptus Oil

As one of the most recognizable scents in the essential oil market, eucalyptus is often used to relieve help with opening airways when not feeling well. Its cooling capability makes it an effective oil to help treat various muscle aches. The strong scent of eucalyptus can also be used to clear nasal passages. As an aromatherapy agent, the oil can assist with concentration and focus.

Rosemary Oil

Most known for its mental stimulant properties, rosemary oil is ideal for helping with memory performance as well as enhancing focus. When used in shampoos and conditioners, the oil serves as a way to encourage a healthy scalp. Like eucalyptus, rosemary also can be used to soothe muscles.

There is no shortage of essential oils that have proven to be effective in a multitude of aromatherapy uses. The possibilities are limitless, so it is advised to open your mind and explore the various oils on the market today.


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