4 Additions to Your Diet That Can Help With Fertility

August 03, 2018

4 Additions to Your Diet That Can Help With Fertility

Fertility struggles can be one of the most challenging issues that a couple is forced to endure. Fortunately, there is a myriad of products, services, and procedures available to help women achieve the dream of becoming pregnant. One of the most natural techniques is to increase the use of omega fatty acids. These properties have been shown to improve the potential of getting pregnant each month by prolonging reproductive function and enhancing sperm mobility. Here a few of the most widely available sources of omega fatty acids:


Sea buckthorn is a great source of omega fatty acids. Derived from a shrub belonging to the Elaeagnaceae family, this oil is full of valuable antioxidants. Although the oil can be applied externally, it is recommended to take it internally when using it as an elixir to boost fertility.


As one of the most abundant sources of omega fatty acids, fish oil can help boost fertility through a variety of ways. The oil has been shown to regulate hormones, increase egg white cervical mucus, regulate the menstrual cycle, and increase blood flow to the uterus. All of these little steps can add up to a significant increase in the chances of getting pregnant each month. As an added benefit, the fish oil can continue to be taken throughout the pregnancy to reduce the risk of hypertension in the mother as well as gestational diabetes.


The essential fatty acids found in a variety of nuts and seeds can also help improve fertility for men and for women, but the benefits for men are more pronounced. These acids can work to improve circulation to the male genitals, boost sperm production, and positively affect the viability, mobility, and health of the sperm. Good sources of essential acids are walnuts, almonds, and fresh seeds.


Although not as concentrated as the supplements in oil form, essential fatty acids can be found in fresh fish in copious amounts. Consuming a diet high in fish certainly will not hurt a woman's odds of conceiving. As a bonus, fish are high in protein and other nutrients beneficial to women trying to become pregnant.

Before undergoing a potentially expensive and invasive fertility treatment, most doctors will recommend trying some easier and more natural methods designed to boost fertility. Consciously choosing supplements and foods rich in healthy omega fatty acids is an ideal place to start your journey.